Thursday, 12 February 2015

Sugaring: The new hair removal method taking Australia by Storm

What is Body Sugaring?

Body Sugaring Technique
Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring
 The first time I heard that term I thought they would cover you with sugar just like a mud wrap or spa treatment. Then I was told it was used to remove hairs... really?

How can sugar remove hairs? Not possible!

Somebody told me of the benefits: it was less painful than waxing, etc. etc. Still, not really interested, the hairs were being pulled, hence it must hurt. I had waxed my legs a couple of times in the past and found it way too painful.

I asked all my friends if they knew what sugaring was... nobody did. I told myself, why bother with sugaring if waxing does the job and nobody will be asking for it?

But our Senior Therapist, that had been doing sugaring in the past, insisted we should offer it, so our salon contacted Alexandria Professional and bought the required products and we encouraged our waxing clients to try it. Well, they all loved it. They said it was much less painful than waxing, their skin felt smoother, it took longer to grow back, and their ingrowns started to disappear. That did it! I had and in-depth look into it and I did the training. Now I love it too!

For the therapist, sugaring is harder than waxing, but the results in your clients are worth the effort. Sugaring is a bit like an art form, you need to master the technique, and need manual ability to do so. It can take longer than waxing because if you don't pull in the direction of growth the hair won't come out, the good thing is that it won't break as it does with waxing. Sometimes you have to go over the same area several times because hair tends to grow in different directions, however the sugar paste is so gentle that it will not irritate your skin.

Even though it is slightly more expensive than waxing and it takes a bit longer, none of our clients have gone back to waxing. Our waxing pot sits in a corner and has not been used in ages. Any new client that asks for waxing we ask them to try sugaring instead and they get converted.

So, why is sugaring better than waxing?

Firstly the sugar paste is all natural: just sugar, water and lemon. It is gentler on the skin, it can be removed with water, it can be used over varicose veins and eczema, and doesn't cause allergic reactions.

Sugaring is applied against hair growth and is removed in the direction of growth. The sugar paste gets inside the mouth of the follicle lubricating the hair and easing off the extraction, hence you get less breakage and less ingrowns.

The sugar paste also exfoliate your skin, picking up dead cells and debris and doesn't get attached to live cells.

So, next time you go in for a waxing ask for a sugaring instead. If you live in the area visit our salon and have sugaring at waxing prices on your first visit.
Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring

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