Thursday, 25 September 2014


Washing your face seems pretty simple but you will be amazed at how many people are doing the wrong thing.....

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1) Wash Face With Clean Hands

Don't be surprised how many people don't clean their hands before cleansing their face. So wash your hands first, then wash your face to avoid rubbing all the dirt from your hands into your face.

2) Wash Twice Daily

Over washing the face can lead to irritation and lack of moisture. We should wash our face twice a day: in the morning and once again at night before we go to bed. Make sure to rinse any cleanser off completely, residue can lead to irritation and dryness. It is good to use lukewarm water to rinse our skin, if the water is too cold or too hot it can cause dehydration.
If your skin is oily it is better to soak up the excess oil with a tissue rather than washing your face more often.

3) Pick a Right Cleanser

Depending on your skin type, you should pick a pH-balance cleanser that suits your face. Most cleansing products have a surfactant, a chemical or natural compound that helps break through the surface tension of the skin. The cleanser absorbs dirt and oil and removes them during rinsing. Make sure ingredients list does not contain fragrance, parabens or harsh soap. Never-ever use soap to wash your face.

4) Don't Over Exfoliate

Do not over exfoliate the skin by using harsh grains. Many exfoliators contain sharp crystals made from particles of apricot pits or nuts that can cut into the skin causing irritation and inflammation. Be gentle to the skin by using a gentle scrub made from rice or enzyme exfoliant so don't cause damage to the skin. Depending on the exfoliant you may be able to use it everyday or as recommended by the product instructions.

Lastly, always put on a suitable moisturiser after wash to prevent dehydration.


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