Friday, 14 March 2014

Does Ultrasound Fat Cavitation realy work?

The technology is still quite new and there is a lot of controversy on this subject.

Ultrasound Fat Cavitation is also known by many different terms: Ultrasound Lipocavitation, Ultrasonic Cavitation,  Ultrasonic Liposuction, and many more. I will start by explaining how it works.

How does Ultrasound Fat Cavitation work?

Ultrasound is used to target and destroy localised fat cells in our bodies. It is used for body sculpting and reducing the fat in those difficult areas.

Firstly a gel is applied to the area to be treated, then the handpiece will be pressed against the skin. The low frequency ultrasound energy issuing from the handpiece penetrates the skin to the fat layer leaving the dermis and other tissue and veins untouched.

The ultrasound creates pressure on the cells producing tiny bubbles inside the fat cells. These bubbles expand and disrupt the cell membrane causing the triglycerides to be released into the interstitial fluid between the cells. The triglycerides will be broken down by our bodies into glycerol and fatty acids.

Glycerol will be processed by the liver and fatty acids will be used as energy for the muscles.

It is important to drink lots of water and, avoid fatty foods, and exercise to prevent the dispersed fat from being re-stored.

How many treatments do I need?

You will need 8-10 treatments of 40 minutes Ultrasound Cavitation to see significant results. You can expect a minimum circumference reduction of  1/2 cm after each treatment. Results will vary from person to person and will depend on the area to be treated.

So, does Ultrasound Fat Cavitation work?

Many studies assert that the technology works, so why so many people don't see any results?

I think the answer rests in the fact that the machine manufacturers and the industry in general have been advertising it as a quick fix, but it is not. It needs to be complemented with exercise and a healthy diet.

If you are anything like me: I can't resist chocolates and I use a lot of oil in my cooking. On top of that I'm very lazy when it comes to exercising. - Then the treatment won't work. Your body will have to deal with the fat you eat plus the fat from the destroyed cells which is far more than what it needs, so the fat will accumulate some place else. Although the destroyed cells won't come back, you will still have some fat cells left in the area. These cells will absorb the excess fat and expand accordingly. In other words: you will see no difference.

Another thing, Ultrasound Fat Cavitation is not really for loosing weight. It is for shaping and contouring the body and getting rid of some fat in problematic areas such as inner thighs, stomach, and hips.

If you are overweight and want to use it as an alternative to dieting and exercising it won't work. You will be loosing your money.

In other words: You need to change your lifestyle. 

If you have had any Ultrasound Fat Cavitation treatments I will love if you'll share your experience. Let me know if you had any results.

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