Friday, 7 February 2014

Do you suffer from painful period cramps or Endometriosis? Here is a simple and natural way to get rid of them.

I suffered from excruciating period pains during my teens, they were so severe that I used to spend at least one day of the cycle laying down, tossing from one side to the other and pulling my hairs to distract me from the horrible pain (if you are going through this, you know what I mean). I can tell you that the pain of childbirth was nothing compared to that.

Sometimes it got so intense that it would affect my stomach, so on top of the cramps I would be constantly vomiting, even when I had nothing left in my stomach. There was this one month in which I vomited constantly for 3 days. The doctor referred me to a specialist thinking that I may have some problem with my esophagus valve or something. He did all kind of tests and x-rays and found nothing.

Pain medication and relaxant drugs did little or nothing to alleviate my pain. 

After 2+ years of this monthly torture I came by this natural remedy just by chance. I was living with my cousin, we were 18 then, and at the university she was studding they had free 45min kick-boxing classes every weekday, so she convinced me to join the class with her.

I had been attending the class for about 3 weeks when my period came and took me totally by surprise. Normally the cramps would start 2 days before the period, this time I didn't even get a hint. What's more, I didn't feel anything at all during the duration of the period, not even slight contractions, nothing!

At that moment I didn't think that the exercise may have had something to do with the relief from the pain, I was just happy that the cramps had gone away. I thought it was just the natural way of it.

We went to our classes for 3 months and then for one reason or another stopped going. During that time and for about 3 more months after that, I had absolutely no pain at all. Then, little by little the pain returned. Softly at first and increasing in intensity with every passing month.

Once again, by pure chance, I joined a gym to do aerobics 3 times a week. And once again my pain totally disappeared.

I went to aerobics for nearly a year. A few months later after stopping, my cramps returned. It was really at this point when I made the association between exercise and the disappearance of the cramps.

I must mention that in those days I led a pretty active live, walking a lot (I didn't have a car), going often to parties and nightclubs, and dancing quite a bit; however that didn't seem to be enough. So you may need a regular intense exercise program of at least 45min a day, 3 days a week, maybe more.

I was never into sports and I have always been quite lazy in regards to exercise, but from that point on, every time my pain returned I endeavored to join some aerobics class or another for at least a couple of months, which kept me pain free till I had kids.

This happened 30 years ago, and so far there doesn't seem to be much research on the effect of exercise on period cramps and Endometriosis, so it may not work for everybody, but if there is just a small chance that it may work for you, why not try it? You could do it at home following an aerobics DVD or if you need extra motivation like me, join a gym.

Don't leave it for tomorrow, start today, it's so worth it!

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